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About Us

The Cap Pele Gun Range is located in south-eastern New Brunswick, Canada.  we are located south of Cap Pele NB, off of route 15 on exit 53.  It is a small range with limited facilities, but what we lack in size we more than make up for in character and charm.


At the range you will find a 100m rifle range with 3 shooting tables, as well as a 50m rifle range also with 3 shooting tables.  We also have 1 handgun shooting bay certified for 50m nestled in the corner, separate from the rifle area.  We have plans to construct a second handgun bay in the centre of the property which will be certified for 25m.


You will also discover an assortment of picnic tables, rifle racks and storage buildings all laid out in a park-like atmosphere.  The members are proud of the range and it shows in the care and respect they have for the property which is self-evident as you drive in through the gate.


The Cap Pele Gun Range caters to a diverse group of shooters. Our shooting season starts out with the Casual Plinkers coming out of hibernation anxious to work the kinks out.  Then it is the Competition Shooters organizing their practice sessions and matches. For example, there is a regular rifle competition held every second Sunday from June to September. We are also host to a dedicated group of SASS members (The Double B Cowboys) who relive the glory days of the old west from May to November.  We will also be host to the local IPSC shooters, usually in June, August, and September.  Let’s not forget the Casual Shooters, both rifle and handgun, who will frequent the range all summer, and in the Fall, as deer and moose seasons approach, we will be visited by a stream of excited hunters all trying to set their sights just right, in hopes of taking home their trophy animal.


The Cap Pele Gun Range has been an asset to the shooting community of South Eastern New Brunswick for over two decades. It was the vision of Ovila Doiron to build and maintain this property for the benefit and enjoyment of shooting enthusiasts in the area. His passion and dedication resulted in the park-like location we enjoy today.


In late 2014 several members of the Cap Pele Gun Range pooled their money to purchase the property from Mr. Doiron.
We are all avid shooters and live near Cap Pele:
Two of us are from Sackville NB (Peter & Wayne)
Two of us are from Shediac NB (Marc & Jacques)
Two of us are from Moncton NB, (Mike & Andy).
Our intention is to ensure that the property will continue to be used as a shooting range that will provide a safe location for the members of the Cap Pele Gun Range to continue enjoying their shooting interests.


For further information please contact us.